An Art Divergence…

Digging around the ‘web, one finds the most interesting things. Sometimes one finds interesting stories that key one into a whole new interest. Sometimes it’s a story like one that I heard about this week where some horrifically deranged people use kittens on hooks to fish for sharks… We also have our friends and family that send us jokes, some that work out well, some…well, flat.

But, it’s really a good day when one finds something that just works out really well for you. Of all the crap available online, these are the days to which we all unknowingly look forward.

A couple a year and some ago, I started really enjoying the works of the British street-artist Banksy, who resides in his own niche at the pinnacle of his genre. Today though, I found someone who reminds me so much of Banksy.

Introducing!  Tebe Interesno!

Introducing! Tebe Interesno!

Tebe Interesno, which in Russian apparently may or may not mean ‘Are You Interested‘ is the street-name of a Russian Artist who in the real world may or may not be named Dmitry Maximov.

Sometimes, one never knows if it’ll be worth it, but a new and unexpected addition to one’s life is worth the detour, and today I have detoured all over the web checking out his works.

For some reason, this one makes me a tad uncomfortable…

Kid...I'm not completely sure that you should open that door...

Kid...I'm not completely sure that you should open that door...

What in the world is going on in this guy’s head to make him see these images in these pictures? I imagine that he sees something in an image, then locks the door to his office, turns off the phone, opens up Photoshop and goes to town. For instance, when flying, we’ve all looked out the window over the wing at the ground tens of thousands of feet below, but Tebe Interesno sees something different. Check this one out:


Apparently he likes cats, which enkindred him to me as I looked through his pictures:




For me, digital art really had barely ever become real ‘art’. I tend to be a fan of Japanese woodblock prints of such artists as Utagawa Hiroshige, or Katsushika Hokusai. For more modern art, I have been a fan of NYC’s Ross Bleckner’s art since the summer of ’91 when I worked at Blanch’s in East Hampton. I’ve seen a lot that is beautiful, a lot that is interesting or even inspireing, but never any modern illustration that I’d put on a wall. For me, some of these illustrations by Tebe Intereseno enter that realm.

For instance, as I was looking through his works, this one just made me speak out aloud to myself in the middle of a busy bar:


For whatever reason, this one made me grin like a kid:


These are just clever in a way that will cause me to not refer to many people ever again as ‘clever’ as if the word’s been re-defined, and the feeling that I get when looking at these just works for me…





Frankly, some just freak me out.



Anyway. I should come up with a drink in honor of this guy. He’s purportedly Russian…hmm… So, that suggests vodka. Something that affects light…For the first and only time, I may have to buy some Goldschlager just for this drink.  Lemme think about this…

3 Responses to “An Art Divergence…”

  1. […] This has actually turned into a really long post with lots of pictures, so I have moved this post to this page. […]

  2. i like both modern arts and classic arts because they both good –

  3. you just have to get used to modern art to appreciate the beauty of it “.’

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