An Art Divergence…

Digging around the ‘web, one finds the most interesting things.  Sometimes one finds interesting stories that key one into a whole new interest.  Sometimes it’s a story like one that I heard about this week where some horrifically deranged people use kittens on hooks to fish for sharks…  We also have our friends and family that send us jokes, some that work out well, some…well, flat.

But, it’s really a good day when one finds something that just works out really well for you.  Of all the crap available online, these are the days to which we all unknowingly look forward.

A couple a year and some ago, I started really enjoying the works of the British street-artist Banksy, who resides in his own niche at the pinnacle of his genre.  Today though, I found someone who reminds me so much of Banksy.

Introducing!  Tebe Interesno!

Introducing! Tebe Interesno!

This has actually turned into a really long post with lots of pictures, so I have moved this post to this page.

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